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Go to to start building your scavenger hunt or tour  

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Keep your audience engaged with real time updates and posts on their mobile app


Download Figayou        from the app store or google play and  create your free account.

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Share your MyScav link with event participants to download your tour/scav hunt on  participant's mobile device

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about MyScAV

Figayou Scavneget hunts are easy to create and  play!

Create & Share 


To create a  custom Scavenger Hunt simply choose locations, photos, questions, and time parameters.  

Once you have created your own scavenger hunt simply share the link with your group or make it public and start playing.


Players find secret locations Players are sent hints to find a secret location.  When they find the location players receive a multiple choice question.  When they answer a multiple choice question correctly they are sent a new hint.

If they don't answer correctly they can try again until they get it right. They will then get a clue but with a delay.

Players should head to the secret location as soon as they figure out the clue. Once they get there they will get a message with a question. They will need to answer it correctly in order to get a clue for the next location.

Players who cannot figure out the location from the clue will eventually get the secret location information and question to get a clue for more locations with a time penalty, of course.

Important Note


Players need to allow Figayou to access their location through the app. The location is only used to determine if the player has arrived to the secret location.


We are a seasoned team of senior business, technology, academic and non-profit leaders who created Figayou, a geolocation platform to help people meetup and interact easily.  Our platform is powered by patent pending technology, ai, and data science.   MyScav was developed as a natural extension of our popular meetup app leveraging smart location and way finding capabilities to provide a unique but easy to use tour and scavenger hunt tool that can be shared with a small group or the public. 

My Scav has been implemented by cities, non-profits, and event organizers to create a fun and easy way to engage communities.


Our team is available to help you navigate MyScav. 


Our technology team can  help build custom solutions.  


Our seasoned event organizers are available to help on all other aspects of event development and management.




Help you navigate MyScav

Help you build a custom solution

Help you integrate other Figayou Products

Help you design, organize, and execute a memorable event

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Publish your agenda and instantly connect to all the Figayou location functionality including:


Group management

Real time messaging

Real time polling

Location sharing

Timed messages

Location messages 

QR functionality including data sharing

Group conference calling

Multiple agenda hosting

Participant community building


Enhance your event by incorporating other Figayou event products to engage participants, create community,....



Smart location aware agenda platform

AgendaRize provides a unique solutions for event organizers that support the goals of event organizers while addressing the practical needs of those on the ground making things happen.


Real-time Audience 


Engage your audience with real time feedback.  No need for setup or additional devices.  Just pose your questions and get immediate results


Electronic Roulette

Engage participants with a fun and engaging electronic roulette wheel

to engage participants and make fun and easy to collect participant data

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Indoor Navigation Simplified

Guide participants, visitors, patients, or your own team with RoomNav, our patent-pending wayfinding technology.  Easy to set up and easy to use.  \

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